The Max Life

The Max Life
Hi I'm Nicole, and my husband is Justin. We're the Maxfields and this space shares our adventures together.

Monday, August 18, 2014

2 Good Years

When I was serving a mission in Japan, we had such a fun couple from America live in the same area as us.  One day I was conversing with them, and the guy told me something that has stuck with me.  He said,
"How was the best two years of your life?"
I responded, "The best."
He then smiled, looked at me and said, "In the next two years let me know how the next best two years are."
I've known Justin since high school and to be married to this boy is such a blessing.  I felt like he was special the first day we met.
This boy fills me with so much joy I could burst.
He surprised me with Jamba in the morning, and we went to a fun movie and dinner that night.
Part of me is sad that two years have gone by so fast, two years that I'll never get them back again.
But, the other part of me is excited for what's to come.
I can't wait to meet the couple I met in Japan and tell them;
"I had another best two years of my life."

Happy two year anniversary J <3

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